Relevant Coursework

Public Relations Coursework

Foundations of Public Relations

An overview of public relations and its history, looking at communication skills and technologies necessary for successful public relations practices.

Case Studies and Ethics in Public Relations

An in-depth look of past public relations cases and how to craft a successful public relations campaign. My final case study can be found in my portfolio.

Writing for Public Relations

This course taught the necessary writing for public relations. It included tradtional and nontraditional media like press releases, pitches, radio scripts, social media, press conferences and more. For my final project I completed a media kit that can be found in my portfolio.

Survey Research Methods

This course taught me about basic research principles and how to properly conduct public relations research. My final report can be found in my portfolio.

Public Relations Campaigns

This is a capstone class where I learned how to create a campaign for a client and presented my findings at the end of the semester. My final report and supporting materials can be found in my portfolio.

Style and Design in Public Relations Messages

This is a capstone class where I learned Adobe Indesign, Adobe Photoshop and HTML 5 to create this digital resume and portfolio. I also wrote weekly articles for Auburn Family, The Corner News and Extension Daily. My articles can be found in my blog.