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Tampa native | Auburn grad | Dallas bound

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Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, the bay area was my playground and I was constantly surrounded by a broad spectrum of cuisines, personalities, activities and lifestyles. This yearning for more- surroundings, people and adventures, led me to the loveliest village on the plains otherwise known as Auburn, Alabama.

What they say about Auburn is true, it is definitely a family that I am so grateful to be a part of. From rolling the oaks at Toomers Corner after Auburn Tiger victories to simply getting a friendly "Hey!" from complete strangers, I couldn't imagine attending any other school than Auburn University.

Even though I miss the sand between my toes, I am fond of my newfound southern accent but my itch for another adventure is stronger than ever. Luckily, I have secured an internship in Dallas, Texas where I plan to indulge in every experience "The Lone Star State" has to offer me.

If I had to describe myself in one word it would have to be light-hearted. I tend to be goofy and it is extremely rare to find me without a smile on my face, except when I am awoken from my beloved naps. When I'm not cracking jokes or thinking of clever instagram captions for my friends, you can find me racing the sun for approximately 1.98 miles or creating Pinterest fails in the kitchen.

The day I stop running is the day I stop trying new foods, visiting new places and meeting new people. Until then, you can find me just short of mile two with a smile on my face.

Allison Mynard May 1 2015

My Skills

AP Style - 75%
Adobe Photoshop- 99%
Adobe InDesign - 90%
Organization - 100%
Time spent napping - 99.8%
Pinterest Fails - 70%